Bento Box For Kids

7 Bento Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Rushing around in the morning trying to prepare your child’s lunch box isn’t an easy task. Healthy eating is essential, but with time constrictions it’s easy to throw together a sandwich, chips, and chocolate. We’re here to help you put together an excellent lunch box for your child, and save yourself some time.

Healthy Tacos

Kids love tacos and will enjoy putting their combinations together. Whether you use a vegetarian option or meat is up to you. Add some salsa to the lunch box, and use cupcake liners for an easy clean up afterward.

Tacos are healthy, fun and easy for you to prepare in the mornings.

Fruit Infusions

You can entice your child to their five a day by creating a fun and fruity meal. Firstly, add a blueberry pancake sandwich filled with cream cheese. Avocado is a great option and provides much-needed nutrients to your child’s diet. Berries, apples, and banana slices can be combined to make a fruit salad.

Sandwich Kebobs

This easy recipe appeals to kids and is a fabulous alternative to the typical sandwich and chips combination. Beets can be substituted for regular potato chips, and we guarantee even the pickiest child will love this lunch.

Dip In

There are so many things you can add here depending on your child’s taste preferences. Apple slices with a caramel dip, tortilla chips with guacamole, whole grain cereal with yogurt and many more. Vegetables can be added, with baby carrots being a great option.

Children often pick at food, so providing a lot of choices to choose from will ensure they get a full and healthy lunch.

Pasta Salad

Pasta salads can be made in the evening and last a couple of days in the refrigerator. The whole family can be fed on a low budget, and there are some delicious combinations.

For a simple recipe, combine pasta, tuna, sweetcorn, and mayonnaise. It’s tasty and covers most of the essential food groups. You can add some garlic bread sticks and a fruit option for dessert.

Italian pasta salad can be made three days in advance. For children with a more adventurous palate, the combination of olives, feta, and pistachios makes an exciting lunch, sure to please.

Pushing Protein

If your child is in need of some protein, then you can pack a punch with this lunch box. A nicely prepared quinoa salad, yogurt, and fruit all work beautifully together. Hard boiled eggs with a dip and cubes of cheese can also be added. For a meat option, try sliced chicken sausage.

Sea Adventures

For parents feeling creative, the best way to get your child to eat is to cut food into shapes. Whether it’s a tuna sandwich or peanut butter and jelly a fun theme can make the difference between an empty lunch box, or a wasted meal. Starfish, dolphins, and of course Nemo shapes are great fun and show off your creative flair.

Cucumber, clementine, and cheese sailboats and snap peas complete the delicious recipe.

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