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5 Bento Lunch Box Ideas For Beginners And Adults

Bento Lunch Boxes are saving adults everywhere from expensive daily lunch spends, and unhealthy eating. The practical and innovate boxes can be used to create delicious meals. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to be the envy of your colleagues, these simple and quick combinations are perfect for novices and master chefs in the making.

Super Savers

Make use of last nights meal, and use your leftovers to create a meal. Whether it’s chicken, pasta salad or even casserole, you can add them to your Bento lunch box.

If you’ve cooked pasta the night before, you can combine it with sweetcorn, tuna, and mayonnaise. For a spicier option add a tomato and chili sauce. Garlic breadsticks compliment the dish.

Couscous and chicken with sugar snap peas can also be used. Ultimately it’s up to you and depends on the leftovers you have, but instead of wasting food you can use it to create healthy combinations.

Burrito Bowl

Deliver yourself a protein surge with a spicy and satisfying lunchtime treat. You can use leftover vegetables and a choice of meat. Pulled pork, chicken and beef all work well, or you can go for a full veggie option. Black beans are full of protein and are guaranteed to satisfy your stomach for the afternoon.

There are so many options to incorporate into your Burrito bowl, and both beginners and master chefs can create a fantastic meal.

Cracker Stacker

You don’t need to go all out every day. Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple lunch, that takes little time to prepare. Beginners can start with this easy recipe, and save money on expensive workplace lunches.

Crackers are cheap and come in a wide range of flavors. For those of you who want a no-frills lunch, add some ham and grated cheddar to your Bento. Fruit provides a healthy extra, and mango and passion fruit add some color to your meal.

There are many types of cheese, and chutneys, they make delicious and warming combinations. If you’re trying hard to lose weight, then rice cakes or rye crackers are great alternatives. Add celery sticks and cherry tomatoes too.

The Simple Sandwich

If you’re mainly looking to save money, then you can make yourself a sandwich and take it to work with you. The best thing about the Bento is it keeps food fresh, and the different compartments allow you to add extras.

You can swap the BLT for an ALT, by substituting bacon for avocado. Add some root vegetable chips as a healthy alternative.

Salmon And Marinated Shrimp Salad

Add some sizzle to your day with this tantalizing tasty dish. There’s no doubt that this recipe is for those that like to treat themselves to the finer things in life. There’s extra preparation, but it’s worth the time and effort. Low calories and tangy thousand island sauce will have you shielding your lunch from hungry colleagues.

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